The Plant Journal

The Plant Journal is one of those new Spanish magazines that emerge in the current independent press. Created by Cristina Merino, Isa Merino and Carol Montpart and based in Barcelona, ​​the newspaper is defined as "a curious observer of ordinary plants and other greenery". This[...]

Ferry Staverman

Ferry Staverman is a Dutch artist who lives and works today in Apeldoorn in the Netherlands. He graduated from the Royal Academy of Art in The Hague in 1970 and is exhibited all over the world. His three-dimensional sculptures are made of recycled card stock[...]

Living matter

Hylozoism is a philosophical doctrine which considers that each matter is a living being animated with its own life. The Hylozoic series, initiated by Canadian architect and artist Philip Beesley, is an experiment that explores the savagery of the modern world, the organic and robotic[...]

The wooden throne

Many designers try to interpret the spirit of the forest. Merve Kahraman has a much more frontal and far more funny approach as well. This 25 year old young designer from the Central Saint Martin School offers the Hybrid1 and Hybrid2 projects. These chairs are[...]


[caption id="attachment_1207" align="alignnone" width="670"] Cerf, Strasbourg Zoological Museum, France (67), December 2009.[/caption] Enregistrer
Still series

Akos Major

Akos Major possesses a surgical eye when it comes to photography. Featuring intense respect for his inanimate models, this talented and refined artist poses a clinical, but not devoid of poetry, on cities, water, snow and ... the forest. Born in 1974 in Hungary, Akos[...]
Micah Lidberg

Micah Lidberg

Micah Lidberg grew up in the western United States and now works between Kansas City and New York, passing through Minneapolis. This extremely talented illustrator draws his inspiration from vegetable and animal forms. One sees in his images a real fascination for the wild life.[...]

Years by Bartholomäus Traubeck

The German artist Bartholomäus Traubeck produced Years, an amazing sound work. Born in Munich in 1987, the artist lives and studies between Rotterdam and Lintz in Austria. The theme that emerges from his work is the paradox between nature and technology as proved by this[...]
GILES Fall-Winter 2012

Giles Deacon

After graduating from the Central Saint Martins School in 1992, Giles Deacon worked with Jean-Charles de Castelbajac, Botega Veneta and the Gucci Group. It was in 2004 that this talented designer presented his first collection during the London fashion week. Adored by her peers in[...]

A forest of plastic

The world's fourth-largest toy manufacturer, LEGO, has continued to innovate since it was founded in 1916. In July 2012, the people of Brocken Hill, Australia, came face to face with a Lego forest planted in the desert (the Living Desert State Park). The famous plastic[...]

The chimeras of Gaétan Billault

A 30-year-old French illustrator and a talented graphic designer, Gaétan Billault obtains a diploma in Applied Art from Nevers in 2005, and he is joining various Parisian agencies. So he became familiar with fashion design and illustration. Gaetan combines geometric shapes and organic scrolls with[...]
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