Delaney Allen's dazzling sea

Young photographer based in Portland, Oregon, Delaney Allen captures dreamy landscapes bringing out nature’s majestic beauty. Texas-born Allen travels a lot and loves isolation. He rarely captures people and when he does, it is either his girlfriend or himself. In his images of the sea,[...]

The Polar Sea 360°

Carried by Arte Futur, The Polar Sea is a documentary in 360° broadcasted in the end of November 2014. It proposes an interactive journey in the Arctic ices. Produced by the film director Kevin McMahon, this very immersive documentary is split in ten episodes. The[...]

The Tunnel of Love

At 25 km from Rivne at the exit of Klevan, Ukraine is a magical place named Клевань туннель: "The Tunnel of Love". Considered one of the most romantic places in the world, the local population baptized it because of the many couples or newlyweds being[...]