The visions of Benoit Paillé

Benoit Paillé is a photographer who lives and works in Quebec. After studying biology for three years, he turned to the visual arts and deepened his passion for photography. Very quickly, his photographs appear in different publications. He also participates in numerous exhibitions in Canada,[...]

The streamlined design of Strek Collective

Strek Collective is a creative studio founded by four Norwegian designers who met during their studies in Oslo. After five years of joint work as self-employed, they launched Strek Collective. With each new object created, they want to propose a significant experience and establish a[...]

Pladra Outdoor Prints

Pladra is a San Francisco brand specializing in flannel shirts outdoors men and women. Their shirts, traditionally checked, are meant to be classical and functional and it is in the work of details that all the originality of the brand stands out. The care and[...]

Let's wander in the forest

Ellie Davies is an English artist and photographer who explores the forest to create photographic installations with enigmatic and poetic power. She started photography ten years ago, after a master's degree at London College Communication. She now works alone and develops her projects around the[...]

The violent puppets of Aron Demetz

Aron Demetz is an Italian artist born in 1972, whose most developed medium is sculpture. For years, he has declined the human figure in poses sometimes dark, sometimes melancholic, playing on adolescent or childish figures. For the last two years, Aron Demetz has oriented his[...]

Light in The Woods

The Woods is the second collaboration between the Norwegian design studio StokkeAustad and the designer Andreas Engesvik, living and working in Oslo. This series of small glass objects is inspired by the forests and the peculiar luminosity of the Nordic countries, the fascinating process of[...]

The Enchanted Forest of Hiramatsu

Tsuneaki Hiramatsu is a 35-year-old amateur photographer who lives in Okayama, Japan. He discovered about a decade ago a forest close to home which, once a year, is populated by a multitude of fireflies. Between 2008 and 2011, he will take pictures of them each[...]

Vertical forest by Boeri Architetti

Architect in Milan and founder of the "Stefano Boeri Architetti", Stefano Boeri was born in 1956 and has acquired a worldwide fame in his field. The studio is currently working on the Bosco Verticale project, two vertical urban reforestation towers currently under construction in the[...]

Debbie Carlos Snapshots

Debbie Carlos was born in Los Angeles and grew up in Manila, Philippines. For her psychology studies, she joined Clark University of Massachusetts, and in parallel, took the photography course at the School of Art Institute in Chicago. His images try to capture objects in[...]

Dougherty's Strange Nests

Patrick Dougherty, is an architect / artist of the current American landart born in 1945. His "natural wood installations" which are situated between art in situ and architecture are very particular. Cabins, giant nests of imaginary birds or pagan totems, Patrick Dougherty likes to build[...]
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