Debbie Carlos Snapshots

Debbie Carlos was born in Los Angeles and grew up in Manila, Philippines. For her psychology studies, she joined Clark University of Massachusetts, and in parallel, took the photography course at the School of Art Institute in Chicago. His images try to capture objects in their moments of “perfect purity”: with some light, some time of day, a certain place.

The process consists of two moments, the time of questioning, and that of the observation. The subjects and sources of inspiration of Debbie Carlos are as immaterial as what she likes to call “the moments of silent strangeness, the motives of light and shadow, spontaneous surprises, the expectation of a Change that will never come, things in their proper place, natural or artificial phenomena. “Debbie Carlos has a certain gift to value the instantaneous character of photography and her humble images strike for their authenticity and the simplicity that confers them .

The author recently worked for Time Out Chicago and began carving a small reputation in the food picture. Debbie Carlos’ work is also featured on the pages of Cercle Magazine N ° 1.

Mortonflowers, 2011
LincolnPark, 2012
Human Nature, 2004-2006
Human Nature, 2004-2006
fernhand, 2012
36 2011
21-10 2010
21-10 2010


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