From Insects by Marlène Huissoud

Marlene Huissoud, a French experimental designer based in London, is convinced that we have a lot to learn from insects. In its project From Insects, she develops new materials in collaboration with insects. Of the bee-resin more precious than crystal and cocoons of silkworms as[...]

Péter Gallov and the scorpion

Péter Gallov graduated from the Hungarian University of Fine Arts in Budapest, where he developed a very graphic drawing practice Or engraving. In his production, the artist combines self-discipline and rigor in order to construct a systemic reflection on the relationship between order and the[...]

The forest's call

The Würth Museum, located in Erstein, (25 minutes from Strasbourg) is a white and spacious place whose impressive collection of works is impressive! All these works are grouped under a single theme: the forest. At the same time a place of contemplation, a highly symbolic[...]

Living matter

Hylozoism is a philosophical doctrine which considers that each matter is a living being animated with its own life. The Hylozoic series, initiated by Canadian architect and artist Philip Beesley, is an experiment that explores the savagery of the modern world, the organic and robotic[...]