The naturalist poetry of MyeongBeom

Kim MyeongBeom is a Korean artist born in Seoul. He first studied sculpture at the University of Seoul, then turned to the Fine Arts of Chicago where he developed his work as an artist-sculptor. His style, on the verge of absurdity and poetics, propelled him quickly to the forefront of the emerging Asian and American art scene.

Playing on equilibrium tensions and aerial and subtle installations, Kim MyeongBeom’s work uses the codes of surrealism and explores an imagery of nature and the absurd. The very graphic dimension of the works seems to be accentuated by their lightness and the use of natural materials outside their context.

The artist regularly exhibits in solo or in group in Asia or in the United States.

Untitled, Deer Taxidermy, Tree – Installation 300 × 300 × 450 cm
Leave, Leaves – Installation – 500 × 500 × 200 cm
Root, Crystal gold tree, Manhole, Root – Installation 270 × 200 × 120 cm
Elevator, Yew tree, Elevator, Mixed media – Installation
Untitled, Tree, Balloon – Installation 400 × 400 × 330 cm
Untitled, part Deer Taxidermy, Tree – Installation 130 × 100 × 30 cm


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