Loki, the space volcano close to eruption

Jupiter's moons are made of rocks, layers of water and ice, but not Io. The fourth moon of the solar system is actually a gigantic volcanic world. Its steep mountains several kilometers high and its irregular depressions form the volcanic calderas. On this burning surface,[...]

The Polar Sea 360°

Carried by Arte Futur, The Polar Sea is a documentary in 360° broadcasted in the end of November 2014. It proposes an interactive journey in the Arctic ices. Produced by the film director Kevin McMahon, this very immersive documentary is split in ten episodes. The[...]

Micropix by Stephan Borensztajn

In 2000, microscopy specialist and entomologist Stephan Borensztajn observed insects in a scanning electron microscope. His series of strange snapshots reveals anatomical details blown up 500 times, bee’s abdomen, fly eyes or the tiny Psychodidae midge’s head. A fascinating series that displays the treasures of[...]

Plastic Eater

Last spring, American students from Yale made an extraordinary discovery: in the Amazon forest there is a fungus capable of breaking polyurethane chains contained in plastic. It is called the Pestalotiopsis microspora. Previous studies had already been carried out in this way and researchers had[...]