Emmanuelle Pidoux's drawings

The artist Emmanuelle Pidoux, born in 1970 in France, lives and works in Dunkirk. A founding member of the Editions du 57 and of Frédéricmagazine in the 2000s, she continues her publisher’s work that she began actively in the 1990s with the Crocuta Crocuta collection[...]

Maria Medem's narrative compositions

María Medem lives and works in Spain. Her fascination for comics and abstraction led her to work very early on in the arts and illustration fields. Her work then evolved into narrative compositions borrowing from strange and surprising comic strips. She regularly collaborates with various[...]

The graphic rantings of Ori Toor

Ori Toor is an illustrator and video animator based in Tel Aviv. His motto: never make preparatory sketches or forecasts, always improvise. Through psychedelic visuals, Ori Toor develops his practice on the exploitation of the random and the unexpected. Better known for his animated gifs, Ori[...]

Kevin Lucbert's Blue Lines

Kevin Lucbert is a French artist born in 1985. Graduated from the School of Decorative Arts in Paris in 2008, he lives and works today between Berlin and Paris. Inspired by multiple sources, M.C. Escher, Alfred Kubin, Philippe Mohlitz or The Obscure Cities of Schuitten[...]

Dream Diary by Vaka Valo

By taking out of context and re-appropriating technical illustration, Vaka Valo proposes a Dream Diary series started in 2012. Illustrations from old instruction manuals are cut out, scanned and assembled with other images. Once printed, the images are hand' retouched. Decontextualized and reworked, these technical images[...]

Animated poems by Yukai Du

Yukai Du comes from Guangzhou (China). Graduated from the Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design, she lives and works today in London. Her artworks are a mix between flat images and animation. The gifs presented are a first series of ten images entitled[...]

Illustrations by Rob Bailey

Hailing from Manchester, Rob Bailey's distinctive imagery is created not by line work but by combining shapes. Always beautifully observed yet heavily stylised, his work is sometimes bold and reductive but, when necessary is more complex and detailed. Although his image-creation process tends to begin[...]

Owen Davey's book Smart about sharks

Owen Davey is an award-winning illustrator, graduated in illustration from the Falmouth University. He lives and works as freelance in Leicestershire (UK). Very prolific, in 2016 he illustrates a children book titled Smart about sharks, published by Flying Eye Books. 40 pages drawn carefully, dedicated[...]
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