The immense and the micro-world of Younsik Woo

Younsik Woo is a Korean illustrator. She chose her career path at a time when much foreign animated content arrived in Korea. That was when she decided to train in communication design in the United Kingdom. When Younsik Woo returned to Korea, she worked as an illustrator for about ten years, in cartoons and children’s illustrations, via independent publications and advertising. Only recently has she decided to develop her own illustrations and her personal identity.

Younsik Woo is interviewed in the portfolio pages of Cercle Magazine n°10 Parade, available here!

Self-reference, 2020, risographie.


Transformation, 2020, risographie.
Keep your distance, 2020, risographie.
Jades, 2020, techniques numériques.
Walking as a part, 2020, risographie.
Differentiated Bodies, 2021, risographie.
Passenger, 2020, risographie.
Seoul Series 1, 2020, risographie.

Instagram: @wooyounsik
© Younsik Woo