The aesthetics of luxury by andy Dixon

Andy Dixon is an artist born in 1979 and raised in Vancouver, Canada. He moved to New York and then Los Angeles around a decade or so ago. Andy Dixon grew up in the DIY experimental/punk music scene which eventually evolved into fine art. Inspired by luxury historical objects, the artist focuses on the themes of decadence and patronage. Andy Dixon’s paintings of the interiors of collectors’ homes feature his own works, which hang in their living spaces. These self-referential paintings encapsulate the major themes of the artist’s body of work, challenging ideas of value and luxury, and who the decision-makers are in today’s society. While the paintings are boldly done in vivid colours, a sense of futility and a search for meaning lurks beneath their surfaces. Andy Dixon regularly collaborates with luxury brands such as Moschino, Louboutin and Versace. He recently exhibited his Patron’s Homes series at the OTI gallery in Paris.

Andy Dixon is interviewed in the portfolio pages of Cercle Magazine n°10 Parade, available here!

Patron’s Home (Brooklyn 1), 173 x 120 cm, 2018

Patron’s Home (Brooklyn 2), 130 x 130 cm, 2018

Patron’s Home (London 1), 173 x 130 cm, 2018

Patron’s Home (London 2), 173 x 130 cm, 2018

Patron’s Home (Los Angeles), 213.4 × 284.5 cm, 2022

Instagram: @andy.dxn
© Andy Dixon