Inka&Niclas's reveries

Born in 1985 and 1984, Inka Lindergård and Niklas Holmström, respectively from Finland and Sweden, met in 2005 and are now based in Stockholm. Driven by a singular look at nature and a Scandinavian approach, Inka & Niclas try to transform it by applying a[...]

Craig Burrows' fluorescent plants

Craig Burrows is a 29 year old American photographer. Through his photographic work, he experiments the UVIVF (ultraviolet-induced visible fluorescence) process, which captures light waves that are invisible for us. Although the result seems surreal, the subject and the colors are very real. Through this[...]

Marine life photography by Shane Gross

Shane Gross is a photojournalist. From Saskatchewan in Canada and rewarded on numerous occasions, he specializes in marine conservation shots. In 2012, he traveled to the Bahamas to document the splendor and degradation of the ocean environment. With his images and stories, Shane Gross tries[...]

Hubert Duprat' precious larvae

A prolific and curious artist, Hubert Duprat made his mark in the 1980s thanks to his work on the larvae of trichoptera. These industrial beings are known to construct a composite sheath using materials present in their environment (twigs, leaves, gravels, grains of sand, etc.).[...]

Aganetha Dyck's wax dolls

Born in Manitoba in 1937, Canadian artist Aganetha Dyck has been interested in communication between species for a long time. Her research led her to look into the disappearance of bees, whose population dropped by 50% in Europe and North America. For several years, Aganetha[...]

The symmetries of Christopher Marley

Christopher Marley lives and works in Salem in the United States. For several years now, this artist of the living has traveled the world in search of specimens of obscure and visually interesting insects. The goal of Christopher Marley is to reveal his conception of[...]
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