The lush landscapes of Tomás Sánchez

Born on May 1948 in Aguada de Pasajeros, Tomás Sánchez is a Cuban artist who experiment with different media such as engraving, sculpture and photography. However, he is best known as landscape painter. His scenes are a eulogy to nature and meditation. He converted his interior spaces built during meditation sessions into natural landscapes. His evocative and detailed works could almost be confused with photography. Tomás Sánchez is the creator of deeply spiritual images of nature; its various scenes of lush vegetation create an atmosphere of deep peace, reaching a transcendent and meditative state that radiates spirituality. His paintings can, on one level, represent various metaphors for a paradise long lost to humanity.

Tomás Sánchez, Orilla: The Shore, 1993

Thought Cloud, 2017, Marlborough Gallery
Orilla, 2016
Buscador de un Lugar a la Orilla, 1995
Inundacion Del Río De Aguas Blancas


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