Craig Burrows' fluorescent plants

Craig Burrows is a 29 year old American photographer. Through his photographic work, he experiments the UVIVF (ultraviolet-induced visible fluorescence) process, which captures light waves that are invisible for us. Although the result seems surreal, the subject and the colors are very real. Through this process, Craig Burrows reveals what was hidden but yet present in a photographic series full of fantasy and poetry.

Craig Burrows’s work is published in Cercle magazine #6 Dreams

Craig Burrows, Succulent-Flower


Craig Burrows, Anemone
Craig Burrows, Privet Flowers
Craig Burrows, Bottlebrush
Craig Burrows, Bee-Balm
Craig Burrows, Anemone
Craig Burrows, Hyacinth


Craig Burrows, Large Honeysuckle
Craig Burrows, Calla Lily

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