Shayna Leib's aquatic glassworks

Shayna Leib is a young American artist who works mainly with glass. Shayna Leib grew up on the Californian coast and developed a fascination for the ocean environment. Alongside Russian literature, piano and philosophy, she studied glass blowing in California and graduated in 2003. Passionate[...]

Markus Leitsch, anguish sculptor

Markus Leitsch is an Austrian artist born in Klagenfurt in 1978. He lives and works in Vienna. In his series of sculptures Coat, he explores the human being and its relationship to its environment, itself modeled by man, questioning its deviations and risks. We see[...]

Aganetha Dyck's wax dolls

Born in Manitoba in 1937, Canadian artist Aganetha Dyck has been interested in communication between species for a long time. Her research led her to look into the disappearance of bees, whose population dropped by 50% in Europe and North America. For several years, Aganetha[...]
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