Paper’s poetic charm : the sculpted flowers of Tiffanie Turner

Former architect, Tiffanie Turner turned away from planning and designing buildings to devote herself to the creation of paper flowers. Born in 1970 in New York, she then grew up in New Hampshire surrounded by nature, where her fascination with flowers started to bloom.

A true botanical sculptor, she developed an obsession with the graphic qualities of the flowers that grow on planet Earth and that she tries to reproduce. Upstream of each creation, she accomplies a meticulous research and observation of the flower that she wishes to recreate from scratch. From the color, to petals, to texture and scale, everything is carefully considered to allow Tiffanie Turner to imitate the flowers she works with to perfection. Her fragile sculptures are made from colorful crepe papers from Italy, Germany and China. Each of its parts requires between 250 and 400 hours of work.

Faced with these delicate works made of a multitude of layers of paper carefully cut and assembled, the illusion of believing in real flowers is great, as the result is surprisingly accurate. From these flowers that never wither emerges a sweet poetry testifyng to the artist’s relationship with nature.

Split Rose, papier-maché, stain, wire

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