Tokyo Dreams by Nicholas Barker

In may 2013, British director Nicholas Barker, known for his commercial video, introduced Tokyo Dreams, an experimental ten minutes video about sleeping commuters on the Tokyo subway. With its highly formal ‘photographic’ film style and extremely high production values, Tokyo Dreams starts from a very[...]

The Polar Sea 360°

Carried by Arte Futur, The Polar Sea is a documentary in 360° broadcasted in the end of November 2014. It proposes an interactive journey in the Arctic ices. Produced by the film director Kevin McMahon, this very immersive documentary is split in ten episodes. The[...]

Green Porno – Praying Mantis

Green Porno is a series of short films on animal sexual behavior started in 2008 and designed by Isabella Rossellini. In the eight films of the first season, Rossellini mimics the sexual rituals of various insects - such as dragonfly, bee, praying mantis or fly[...]