Tracy Widdess' brutal creations

Tracy Widdess’ masks are proper works of art. Currently living on Vancouver, she started knitting in 1999 and learnt alone. With a vivid imagination, she creates frightening wool monsters that are straight out of a science-fiction novel. She calls her work “brutal knitting”. Combining the[...]

Damselfrau's chimeras

Born in Norway and working in London, Magnhild Kennedy, AKA Damselfrau, creates dreamlike objects. Self-taught, it’s by chance that Magnhild Kennedy embarked on mask making. She began to produce them for herself, then her husband and friends. Made of patches found everywhere (flea markets, internet,[...]

The elegance of Jack Hughes

Oozing the cigarette-and-cocktail style of the 1950s, YCN Professional Award winner Jack Hughes’ characters live in a world of sharp suits, coiffed hair and fast cars. London-based Jack graduated from Kingston University in 2011 and now dedicates his time to conjuring up worlds for clients[...]

Nick Cave soundsuits

Nick Cave is a messenger, artist and educator working between the visual and performing arts through a wide range of mediums inclusive of sculpture, installation, video, sound and performance. His solo exhibitions have expanded globally from the United States through France, Africa, Denmark, Asia, South[...]

Chad Wys paintings

Chad Wys is a post-conceptual visual artist working in the realm of historical semiotics and cybernetic visual reception. His mediums are diverse, ranging from found object assemblage to analog painting and digital collage. His work is an exploration of aesthetic tone and cultural criticism, often[...]

Books & costumes

An ideal medium to capture and compile the ephemeral aspect of costumes, books dedicated to the subject abound and our selection aims to offer both pure essays and graphic reviews, which are favoured by publishers. Although no nation or era is entirely neglected, eurocentrism is[...]

Angel Olsen, Windows

American indie-folk idol, Angel Olsen is one of those singers whose voice makes you surrender. Far from the feminine folk cliché of sentimental banter, Angel is a wild one, grungy but vulnerable, dark but beaming. The last track of the revealing album Burn Your fire[...]
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