Mascarade portrait by Phyllis Galembo

Phyllis Galembo is a photographer based in New-York and she’s a professor in the Fine Arts Department of SUNY Albany since 1978. She has spent the past twenty-five years photographing rituals and religious culture in Africa, Brazil, Cuba, Jamaica, Haiti and Mexico. Masking is a[...]

Sensitive work from Kaarina Kaikkonen

Artist Kaarina Kaikkonen from Helsinki in Finland is one of the major artists of Scandinavia. Throught her monumental work – strongly imfluenced by the environmental and architectural elements surrounding her pieces – there is a strong link to the impermanence and frailty of materials pointing[...]

Disappearing in the surrounding

Cecilia Paredes was born in Lima, Peru. She currently lives and work in San Jose and have lived many years n Philadelphia, USA. Her photographic work offers a thought about appearance, landscape and invisible body. Photo-performances of Cecilia Paredes displays her own camouflaged body with[...]
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