Markus Leitsch, anguish sculptor

Markus Leitsch is an Austrian artist born in Klagenfurt in 1978. He lives and works in Vienna. In his series of sculptures Coat, he explores the human being and its relationship to its environment, itself modeled by man, questioning its deviations and risks. We see[...]

Morgana Wallace fantasy collage

Morgana Wallace is an illustrator, she works and lives in Victoria, Canada. She plays with paper and scissors to create fantastic universes and to explore myths, which seem to refer to Scandinavian or Japanese legends. Her characters, masked and dressed up mix numerous inspirations. Her[...]

Erik Bergrin's experiments

Erik Bergrin is a young New York artist. Self-taught, he began his career by creating costumes to wear for nightlife, while studying psychology in college. As his hobby grew, he got his first job in a puppet shop, sewing costumes and mascots. After having had[...]

Alejandra Atarés' caricatured glamor

Born in 1987 in Zaragoza, Spain, Alejandra Atarés lives and works in Barcelona. In her Retratos series, she paints cinematographic portraits, that seem almost romantic. The character is always depicted from the back, centered, facing a heavenly and near-fantasy landscape. The pop vivacity of the[...]

The Residents' dark ball

The Residents are an American avant-garde art collective formed in the early 1970s in San Francisco. Its members always appears masked. Their most iconic outfit consists of a tail coat, a top hat and a giant eye as a head. Even today, no one knows[...]
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