Morgana Wallace fantasy collage

Morgana Wallace is an illustrator, she works and lives in Victoria, Canada. She plays with paper and scissors to create fantastic universes and to explore myths, which seem to refer to Scandinavian or Japanese legends. Her characters, masked and dressed up mix numerous inspirations. Her practice includes a meticulous treatment of every piece of paper, with various techniques of colorization and textures. Morgana Wallace’s work has been displayed in Ambrus book, published by Anteism Publishing in 2012.

Morgana Wallace is selling her collage work through Madrona Gallery in Victoria, BC.

The Passage, 15×19, Collage, Guache
Paper Collage, Gouache
Wulver, 20 × 16, Paper Collage, Gouache
Mandible, 20 × 16, Paper Collage, Gouache
Collage, Gouache


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