Das Triadische Ballet by Oskar Schlemmer

Oskar Schlemmer (1888-1943), as teacher at the Bauhaus, but also as peinter, sculptor, set designer and choreographer, creates in Germany in 1922, Das Triadische Ballet (The triadic Ballet), divided in three acts, on a music composed by Paul Hindemith. Schlemmer creates the very modernist and abstract decor and costumes.

In 1970, a new version has been realised by Franz Shömbs on a music by Erich Ferstl with reborn costumes by Margit Bàardy.
VERSION 1970 (movie 16 MM, COLOR, 32 MN).
Production: Franz Shömbs
Repetition: Hannes Winkler
Costumes reconstitution: Margit Bàardy
Dancers: Edith Demharter, Ralph Smolik, Hannes Winkler.
Music: Erich Ferstl.