Chad Wys paintings

Chad Wys is a post-conceptual visual artist working in the realm of historical semiotics and cybernetic visual reception.

His mediums are diverse, ranging from found object assemblage to analog painting and digital collage. His work is an exploration of aesthetic tone and cultural criticism, often focusing on the motifs and methodologies inherent in art history itself. Chad was born in 1983 and currently lives and works in rural Illinois, located in the heart of the Midwestern United States.

The work of Chad Wys is published in the Portfolio pages of Cercle Magazine #4: Costumes.

John Singleton Copy, 2011
Brutalized Portrait of a Gentleman 1
Brutalized Gainsborough 1
Nocturne 110, 2011
Nocturne 109, 2011
Nocturne 99, 2011
Nocturne 23, 2011
Nocturne 18, 2011
Brutalized Old Master, 2009


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