Damselfrau's chimeras

Born in Norway and working in London, Magnhild Kennedy, AKA Damselfrau, creates dreamlike objects. Self-taught, it’s by chance that Magnhild Kennedy embarked on mask making. She began to produce them for herself, then her husband and friends. Made of patches found everywhere (flea markets, internet, …), her masks are genuine works of art, without specific use and sometimes requested by stylists. Between fashion and contemporary art, her complex masks are rich in details, colors and materials, that she spends whole days embroidering.

Damselfrau showed her creations in various places around the world, including Denmark as part of the exhibition Fetishism and London in 2015.

Lasii, 2016
Talocan, 2016


Blue i, 2016
Daefni Hellore, 2016
Wanrong, 2016