Hubert Duprat' precious larvae

A prolific and curious artist, Hubert Duprat made his mark in the 1980s thanks to his work on the larvae of trichoptera. These industrial beings are known to construct a composite sheath using materials present in their environment (twigs, leaves, gravels, grains of sand, etc.). It was the constructive capacities of these larvae that prompted Hubert Duprat to design an experimental device that forbids insects to work from unexpected materials, nuggets and gold threads, pearls, rubies, diamonds, turquoises cut into cabochons or facets . Or comment of simple aquatic larvae, through the medium of an ingenious artist, become become goldsmiths. Fascinated by the trichoptera larva, Hubert Duprat later created the Trichoptera Library, an enormous compendium of documents dealing with the insect in question.

Trichoptera larva case, 1980-2000
Trichoptera larva ase, 1980-2000
Trichoptera larva case, 1980-2000
Trichoptera larva with case, 1980-2000

© photo: Frederic Delpech et Fabrice Gousset. Courtesy Art : Concept Paris
La dernière bibliothèque du trichoptère: