Kris Tate at RAD

Kris Tate is a young artist based in Manchester who lives in a world of colorful geometry where the animals of the forest are kings. Born in Guatemala, she moved to England where she became passionate about the world and vintage aesthetics and began creations[...]

Frédérick Carnet's Black Journeys

Frédérick Carnet is a French photographer born in 1972. Self-taught, the artist specializes very quickly in the black and white photo at the laboratory of Toros Aladjadjian and begins to undertake fascinating personal series. After working for press and advertising photography, he moved more freely[...]

The tangle of Barnes

Lesley Barnes is a Scottish illustrator who lives and works in Glasgow. His contemporary illustrations draw inspiration from the atmosphere of fashion shows, 50s design, ancient myths, but also the imagery excavated from illustrations of fairy tales. The artist has a certain gift to mix[...]

The Animal Print Shop

The photographs of Sharon Montrose propose another view of the forest animals by presenting them out of context. These living animals take a break in the photographer's studio or outdoors with a white canvas background. Blending her passion for photography and her love for animals,[...]

The wooden objects of Andrew Groves

[embed][/embed]   Andrew Groves is a freelance illustrator. For the past 6 years, he has been working for many clients and developing very beautiful projects. The young man lives in a hut in the middle of the woods in Sussex, UK, and draws his inspiration[...]

Portraits by The Quiet Revolution

Claire Scully is an illustrator working in London under the name The Quiet Revolution. She graduated from the School of Art and Design Central Saint Martins in 2006 and has clients including the New York Times, The Guardian, Penguin books, and Adidas. She regularly collaborates[...]

The Japanese forests of Morimura

Ray Morimura est né en 1948 à Tokyo et a obtenu son diplôme à l’université de Tokyo Gakugei. C’est en tant que designer graphique et illustrateur qu’il mène sa carrière pendant presque 20 ans avant de se tourner presque exclusivement vers la gravure sur bois.[...]

The Makerie Studio

Poetry, finesse and precision could define the work of Julie Wilkinson and Joyanne Horscroft forming the studio The Makerie. Each of their creations is a universe in its own right that sublimates and reveals a place, an event. They draw their inspiration from the imagination[...]
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