The sculptures of Fontana Studios

Fontana Studios is an art and design studio based on the street art culture, founded by Blaine and Eugenie Fontana and regularly collaborates with various artists, designers and photographers. Headquartered in Portland, Oregon, Fontana Studios defines itself as a key player and tries to push[...]

Nylon Cherry Forest

Consisting exclusively of polypropylene pipes and nylon cables, this installation, PP Trees, created by designer Tom Price, occupied an entire room at the Washington Industry Gallery in 2011. The work refers directly to the iconic cherry trees of Washington and questions our relationship to the[...]

Musselwhite and nature in paper

For Helen, it all began when, during her first Christmas, she began to rearrange the gift papers in colors and patterns. Obviously, she then took courses in graphic design and illustration in which her first love, paper, had no place. It was only long afterwards[...]

The Cure

The Cure, A Forest. Label Fiction Records. Album Seventeen Seconds, 1980. [caption id="attachment_1436" align="alignnone" width="850"] The Cure[/caption] Enregistrer

Forest Stairs

Forest Stairs is a sculptural installation designed by Saunders Architecture for the Sti For Øye sculpture park in Stokke (Norway) in the forest of Vestfold oak south of Oslo. The infrastructure was carried out with the help of the landscape architect and Professor Rainer Stange.[...]

Strange Animals by Peter Vos

Peter Vos is a Dutch artist born in 1975 in Utrecht. He currently lives and works in Amsterdam. The artist must not be confused with the other Peter Vos Dutch, known for his ornithological drawings, born in 1935. It is after having produced a series[...]

The art of accommodating game

Françoise Petrovich had invested the museum of hunting and nature at the end of 2011. From this unusual exhibition in this historic place, a series of twelve engraved and embossed cardboard plates forming L'art d'accomoder le gibier, replaces the precious porcelain dishes usually presented at the[...]

Constructions of Dan Bradica

In this series, Dan Bradica creates sculptures inside forests. He then photographed them in a challenge approach to nature, artifices and perception. Dan Branica grew up in a suburb of Chicago and his understanding of nature during his childhood was greatly conditioned by the presence[...]
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