Musselwhite and nature in paper

For Helen, it all began when, during her first Christmas, she began to rearrange the gift papers in colors and patterns. Obviously, she then took courses in graphic design and illustration in which her first love, paper, had no place. It was only long afterwards that she found this medium and exploited it in her work.

Installed in Manchester, Helen Musselwhite is distinguished by its complex and naive constructions of paper landscapes. Working for customers as prestigious as Audi, Cadbury, Nokia or Stella McCartney, the artist remains simple and quietly continues to do what she prefers: arranging the paper. As well as at ease in scenography as in illustration or installation, Helen Musselwhite exploits and rejects the abilities of paper as far as it can, and believes that it has not yet proved what it is capable.

Drawing directly from the traditional Japanese decoration patterns or fabrics of the 70s, Helen Musselwhite works patiently at her house and likes nothing more than to discover new papers.

In his Ghosts series commissioned by Martin Hulbert Design for Chewton Glen hotels, the artist implements decorative elements inspired by the forest and composes colorless paintings. The white camaques give the work a certain form of depth. Musselwhite, with his series Woodlands animals, invokes all his passion for bucolic English nature and creates touching portraits in their simplicity and construction. Helen is represented by the illustration agency Handsome Franck.

Ghost Fox 2012
Rosie Doe 2010
White Rabbit 2010
Mid Summer Foxes 2011
The Look of Love 2011
Mother and Child 2012
Ghost grasses
Ghost Glen
Snow Ghosts 2012
The Ghosts of Love 2012


© Helen Musselwhite
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