The violent puppets of Aron Demetz

Aron Demetz is an Italian artist born in 1972, whose most developed medium is sculpture. For years, he has declined the human figure in poses sometimes dark, sometimes melancholic, playing on adolescent or childish figures.

For the last two years, Aron Demetz has oriented his plastic research on the position of the body through a material he is particularly fond of, wood. Juggling on the notions of humility and power, the artist infuses his wooden dolls with strange, or unexpected attitudes that take into account the surrounding space.

Their unavoidable presence, due in particular to their odor of resin or varnish, tries to symbolize the biological and cosmic energies that animate every human being.

These strange sculptures, with bodies sometimes idealized and sometimes damaged, bring a real consideration to the place of the human face to its natural environment. Fine and disturbing, turns victims and actors, the puppets of Aron Demetz have a very special impact on their observers.

Aron Demetz exhibits throughout Europe and has seen his work presented in Rome, Vienna, Milan and London.

Advanced Minorities, 2012
Untitled 2, Bois de cèdre et résine de pin, 350 cm, 2009
Untitled 1, Bois de cèdre et résine de pin, 350 cm, 2009
Advanced Minorities, 2012
Heimat, 400 × 140 × 133 cm, 2010
Burning Man, 230 × 100 × 100 cm, 2010
Advanced Minorities, 2012
Advanced Minorities, 2012