The chimeras of Gaétan Billault

A 30-year-old French illustrator and a talented graphic designer, Gaétan Billault obtains a diploma in Applied Art from Nevers in 2005, and he is joining various Parisian agencies. So he became familiar with fashion design and illustration.

Gaetan combines geometric shapes and organic scrolls with ease. He creates without complex hybrid creatures, charming monsters and human friendly animals.

In 2006, he decided to settle in Dublin to put his capabilities into practice. He draws heavily from Irish culture in his fanciful illustrations. And it is quite naturally that he crosses several disciplines such as graphic design, animation and textile design to develop a personal style, organic and almost always poetic. He works notably in digital but also with more traditional techniques, which he does not hesitate to combine. Its clients are Irish (Bodytonic, Red Dog …) as well as French or international (Decathlon, Leaf, Heinekein, Absolut Vodka …). His work has been published in Milk magazine, Logology2, and more recently in Computer Arts. Gaétan Billault is a passionate poet, who is always looking for new shapes and new projects.

The work of Gaétan Billault is also presented in the portfolio of Cercle Magazine N ° 1.

Earth spirit, mix media.
Lynx, digital.
Les rêves de Bertrand 5, mix media, 12×13 cm.
Les rêves de Bertrand 3, mix media, 12×13 cm
Earth spirit, mix media.


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