Jadav Payang builds his forest

They told me that nothing would grow here and told me to try to plant bamboo. It was hard but I did.

Jadav Payeng has been working on reforestation for 30 years on the Brahmaputra River in the state of Assam in India. With an area of ​​550 hectares, this sand bank declared infertile by the Ministry of Forests, initially became a bamboo forest, later the man planted other varieties of trees and brought Red ants, which have the ability to change soil composition.
Over the years, from the action of nature and the hard work of Jadav Payeng, the so-called sterile soil became a forest with a rich and salvific biodiversity.

At the end of twelve years, we saw vultures. Migratory birds began to arrive en masse. Deer and cattle have attracted predators.

The Indian government is in the process of transforming the forest of Payeng into a nature reserve.

La Forêt de Jadav Payang se peuple…


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