Volcán de Pacaya by Martin Holík

Martin Holik is a documentary and wedding photographer based in Olomouc, the Czech Republic. In 2014, he was interested in Pacaya volcano in Guatemala. This 2552-meter active volcano has been steadily erupting since it awoke in 1961 after a century of inactivity. Traveling to Latin[...]

Aaron Siskind viewpoint on magma

Born in 1903, New York artist Aaron Siskind began his career as an English teacher before joining the New York film and Photo League in 1932. A pioneer of modern photography and published regularly, he became co-publisher of Choice magazine in 1960. His work is[...]

Jonathan Latiano and his own geology

The American artist Jonathan Latiano has developed a fascination for the complexity of our surrounding environment and its complex shapes and tensions. Thanks to his visual artist's eye, he retranscribes evanescence, fragility and violence through his installations. Mainly inspired by scientific fields and more particularly[...]

Aithô, je brûle by Adeline Care

Adeline Care is a French photographer who plays between reality and fiction with a sensitive and intangible approach. The stony landscapes of Etna inspired here series Aithô, je brûle. She perceives and explores the absence of any form of life which emanates from there and[...]

The graphic rantings of Ori Toor

Ori Toor is an illustrator and video animator based in Tel Aviv. His motto: never make preparatory sketches or forecasts, always improvise. Through psychedelic visuals, Ori Toor develops his practice on the exploitation of the random and the unexpected. Better known for his animated gifs, Ori[...]

A better world by Justine Kurland

Justine Kurland is a photographer born in 1969 in the US state of New York. She is known for her utopian and neo-romantic photographs of American landscapes and marginal communities, real and imagined, that inhabit them. Justine Kurland takes her photos during trips across the[...]

Inka&Niclas's reveries

Born in 1985 and 1984, Inka Lindergård and Niklas Holmström, respectively from Finland and Sweden, met in 2005 and are now based in Stockholm. Driven by a singular look at nature and a Scandinavian approach, Inka & Niclas try to transform it by applying a[...]

The ethereal landscapes of Petros Koublis

Petros Koublis began photography in 2000 after several years of painting. Since then, he has developed a very sensitive approach linked to a constant personal exploration. His series In Landscapes plays on a contrast between two atmospheres and creates an ethereal atmosphere of the Greek[...]
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