The depths of the Abyss table

The Abyss table was designed by Duffy, a design studio based in London. Using a simple cutting and stacking system, the coffee table is a three-dimensional representation of a geological map. Plates of wood replicate the earth’s relief, plates of glass and Plexiglas that of[...]

Tracy Widdess' brutal creations

Tracy Widdess’ masks are proper works of art. Currently living on Vancouver, she started knitting in 1999 and learnt alone. With a vivid imagination, she creates frightening wool monsters that are straight out of a science-fiction novel. She calls her work “brutal knitting”. Combining the[...]

Masks by Studio Bertjan Pot

Bertjan Pot is a designer, probably best known for his Random Light (1999). The light started as a material research, which is basically the starting point f each product created by Studio Bertjan Pot. The outcome is usually an interior product showing a fascination for techniques,[...]

Eating The Foul with Judith Lasry

It is for her design diploma examination that she just passed to the Boulle school in Paris that Judith Lasry, designer, questioned the place of the insect in our culinary culture. His project, entitled Manger l'Immonde, develops a whole range of crockery and kitchen tools[...]

The streamlined design of Strek Collective

Strek Collective is a creative studio founded by four Norwegian designers who met during their studies in Oslo. After five years of joint work as self-employed, they launched Strek Collective. With each new object created, they want to propose a significant experience and establish a[...]
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