Giseok Cho portrays his generation

Flowers of all colors, sizes and species adorn the faces and bodies portrayed by Giseok Cho. The Korean photographer wants to create the imagery of his own generation whether they are from Seoul or not. Early in his career as a photographer, Giseok Cho worked[...]

The strangeness of Eliseo H. Zubiri

Eliseo H. Zubiri is a director, photographer and visual artist. Based in Buenos Aires in Argentina, Eliseo H. Zubiri offers in his images a combination of photographs and digital work that bring a form of surrealism to the scenes. It shows austere and unusual scenes[...]

Corona Diaries by Marzena Skubatz

German photographer Marzena Skubatz lives and works in Germany and Iceland. Particularly interested in places’ identity and their meaning: outdoor and indoor landscapes and the « in between » space. From this research, she is naturally interested in remote and inaccessible spaces. She has decided to go[...]
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