Debbie Carlos Snapshots

Debbie Carlos was born in Los Angeles and grew up in Manila, Philippines. For her psychology studies, she joined Clark University of Massachusetts, and in parallel, took the photography course at the School of Art Institute in Chicago. His images try to capture objects in[...]

Kathrin Loges & Jan Wunderlich

This duo of photographers based in Munich in Germany, offers us a quite surprising vision of the forest. The special atmosphere that emerges from it does not leave indifferent. Through their photographic work Kathrin and Jan invite us into a poetic and silent landscape. The[...]

Trips with Jared Chambers

Jared Chambers is a photographer who lives and works in Los Angeles. He publishes his work on several communities and draws his notoriety from the internet: inscribed on Instagram where he is known, he also has a tumblr that is much followed. Very productive, he[...]

Frédérick Carnet's Black Journeys

Frédérick Carnet is a French photographer born in 1972. Self-taught, the artist specializes very quickly in the black and white photo at the laboratory of Toros Aladjadjian and begins to undertake fascinating personal series. After working for press and advertising photography, he moved more freely[...]

Constructions of Dan Bradica

In this series, Dan Bradica creates sculptures inside forests. He then photographed them in a challenge approach to nature, artifices and perception. Dan Branica grew up in a suburb of Chicago and his understanding of nature during his childhood was greatly conditioned by the presence[...]

Ibán Ramón

The series of photographs Altered Trees by Ibán Ramón is part of a global project called Resistance Activities. Divided into seven series, the Resistance Activities project represents a cycle: from tree to landscape, from landscape to dead tree, then from landscape damaged to human resistance.[...]

Simen Johan

Simen Johan is a contemporary photographer born in 1973 in Norway. He has been living in New York since 1992 and his photographic work is recognized throughout the world. Like many of his Scandinavian compatriots, he devotes a deep fascination to nature, which he has[...]
Still series

Akos Major

Akos Major possesses a surgical eye when it comes to photography. Featuring intense respect for his inanimate models, this talented and refined artist poses a clinical, but not devoid of poetry, on cities, water, snow and ... the forest. Born in 1974 in Hungary, Akos[...]
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