Beach Scene by Stephen Abela

Abela’s work could cheekily be captioned as ‘’Painting the high life and other scenes of pleasure.’’ A slight variant on Slim Aarons quote: “painting attractive people doing attractive things in attractive places” almost sums it up. His painting is based on various sources, from vintage[...]

Chad Wys paintings

Chad Wys is a post-conceptual visual artist working in the realm of historical semiotics and cybernetic visual reception. His mediums are diverse, ranging from found object assemblage to analog painting and digital collage. His work is an exploration of aesthetic tone and cultural criticism, often[...]

The strange beauty of Stephen Appleby-Barr

Stephen Appleby-Barr is an artist from Toronto, Canada and is represented by Nicholas Metivier Gallery. His work has been exhibited in Canada and the United States and is collected internationally. Stephen Appleby-Barr has quickly become renowned for his Old Master-style paintings with a contemporary twist.[...]

Stacey Rozich watercolors

Stacey Rozich paints a folkloric narrative that draws inspiration from many cultural references building scenarios pulled from a realm of familiar fictional archetypes and traditions. Influence is taken from travel, world textiles, childhood memories and the many many hours spent watching television. All works are[...]

Alejandra Atarés' caricatured glamor

Born in 1987 in Zaragoza, Spain, Alejandra Atarés lives and works in Barcelona. In her Retratos series, she paints cinematographic portraits, that seem almost romantic. The character is always depicted from the back, centered, facing a heavenly and near-fantasy landscape. The pop vivacity of the[...]

Not to be missed Bernard Durin

Bernard Durin is an artist born in 1940 and originally from Nice. Following his studies at the Estienne school, he specialized in the poster artist Paul Colin until 1960, then began collaborating with numerous magazines and making book covers. In the seventies, in Provence, he[...]

Organic portraits by Marco Mazzoni

Artist Marco Mazzoni lives and works in Milan. He works exclusively with colored pencils and creates dark and deep visuals inspired by nature and based on Italian folklore. His favorite subjects are flora and fauna, which develop on the blind faces of young women. These[...]

The Ethereal Paintings of Adam Dix

Adam Dix, born 1967, lives and works in London. His work is about the association between communication technologies and our desperate desires to communicate at all costs. The artist appropriates the exaggeration inherent in ritual, nationalist, religious or science fiction imagery to support his point.[...]
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