The Colorful Liquids from Leslie David

Leslie David founded her studio in Paris in 2008. Passionate about fashion and music, she has been working on projects and collaborations with the biggest brands and the greatest modern musicians. Leslie draws her inspiration from the textures, patterns, geometry of art deco shapes, the work of Sonia Delaunay or Judy Chicago, African prints, 70s graphics, Herb Lubalin, Peter Max, she loves drawing with makeup, scarves, sharp colors, but also pure and graphical black and whit. She has presented her personal work in an exhibition at the 12Mail gallery in Paris.

Leslie David’s work is published in Cercle magazine #5 Oceans.

Liquid 3, Poster
Liquid 6, Poster
Liquid 1, Poster
Liquid 5, Poster
Liquid 4, Poster

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