The strange beauty of Stephen Appleby-Barr

Stephen Appleby-Barr is an artist from Toronto, Canada and is represented by Nicholas Metivier Gallery. His work has been exhibited in Canada and the United States and is collected internationally. Stephen Appleby-Barr has quickly become renowned for his Old Master-style paintings with a contemporary twist. Curious and welled, Appleby-Barr plays with classical literature and portraiture by infusing them into his own partly-fictional and partly-autobiographical, narrative paintings. The delightfully dark world he creates has its own set of rules and conventions, where cat or doll-headed figures are not out of the ordinary.

Stephen Appleby-Barr work is displayed in Cercle Magazine #4 pages.

Punchclaw on the Mountain, oil on canvas, 2013
Robert Weir, oil on canvas, 2015
Bright Messenger, oil on canvas, 2011
P.T. Hose Reclining, oil on canvas, 2013
C. at Council, oil on canvas, 2014
The king’s library, 2011
Sophie Blumenthal, 2014
Punch Claw, the Witness, 2013
Felipe, 2015
Derrick-Guerin, 2015
Dulac-Dust, 2011



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