The frozen forest of Tzu-Chi Yeh

This fascinating Taiwanese 55 years disturbed us with his series, almost monomaniac, of green landscapes. The work of Tzu-Chi Yeh, so close to the objective gaze of photography, is centered on still lifes. But the artist has a compulsive vision that delivers paintings that are[...]

Daniel Ablitt

Daniel Ablitt is a Scottish artist whose ghostly landscapes have challenged us. He says of his work - very inspired by his immediate natural environment - that he can be "considered as a remanence of the landscapes of his childhood, a vehicle of nostalgic and[...]

Laurent Le Deunff

Laurent Le Deunff is at the same time draftsman and sculptor and establishes the dialogue between these two mediums. It essentially depicts wooden pencil-like scenes, as in his series of Fuzzy Hunters or Self-portraits in Nature. His work of drawing is meticulous, the trait is[...]
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