The frozen forest of Tzu-Chi Yeh

This fascinating Taiwanese 55 years disturbed us with his series, almost monomaniac, of green landscapes. The work of Tzu-Chi Yeh, so close to the objective gaze of photography, is centered on still lifes. But the artist has a compulsive vision that delivers paintings that are truer than natural, more magical too.
It is the respect he gives to these trees, companions of his childhood spent in Qilian (close to the bay of Taipei) that one feels through these majestic and poetic works.
The artist is a graduate of the National Academy of Art in Taiwan, the Chinese Culture University and the Institute of Fine Art in New York.
Tzu-Chi Yeh has participated in numerous group and solo exhibitions between Hong Kong and New York where he has lived for 19 years.
This series on the theme of the forest was initiated in 1998. Each painting required between 2 and 5 years of hard work to magnify the reality of the place. The artist is represented by Ravenel, the famous Asian auction house.

Qilian’s-tree, Taipei, 2009-2012, A tempera et huile sur lin, 51×76,2cm
Yan Ming Mountain in June, 2007-2009, A tempera et huile sur lin, 86×127 cm
Shamao Mountain in May, 2009-2010, A tempera et huile sur lin, 76,2×183 cm


© Tzu-Chi Yeh
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