Daniel Ablitt

Daniel Ablitt is a Scottish artist whose ghostly landscapes have challenged us. He says of his work – very inspired by his immediate natural environment – that he can be “considered as a remanence of the landscapes of his childhood, a vehicle of nostalgic and past moments. “

Also strongly inspired by the nature of Somerset, (where the artist lives), Daniel Ablitt’s delicate paintings evoke a dramatic and magical atmosphere at the same time.

The almost abstract compositions of the paintings put forward tiny, indiscernible humanoid groups, frozen in the middle of rectilinear trees, present, almost graphic, and very distinctly cut out of the landscape.

These contrasting works summon a whole imagination waiting for the rest of the story.

Finding peace ; huile sur toile.
Helping hand ; huile sur toile.
Passing through ; huile sur toile.
Planning ; huile sur toile.

© Images : Daniel Ablitt 2012
Le site de Daniel Ablitt : www.danielablittgallery.co.uk