Hide & Seek

Hide & Seek is the name of Colt Silvers‘ first interactive clip, produced by La Cité de la Prod in partnership with Deaf Rock Records. The clip offers the viewer to choose in real time two sets to the scene, to move from one to the other of a mouse movement, in a game of hide-and-seek of a few minutes.

This interactive clip is an original way to discover the group’s world and its music. We are lost in two different worlds, on one side a sparse forest, on the other a hangar where old buses have been forgotten. The clip was shot on 4 days in autumn 2011 and its finalization required work over several weeks of post-production and programming.

The Cité de la Prod is a collective of videographers and creatives, long-time friends, working together in Strasbourg. The band Colt Silvers, meanwhile, offers a generous indie pop in the mind sometimes pulsed, sometimes lascivious. Beware, it’s hard to forget the fucking and addictive refrain of Hide & Seek. The group is currently preparing its new album, scheduled for late 2012.

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Director of the clip and project: Robin Pfrimmer (Citeezen)

Interactive site development: Benjamin Pugliese (Chousse)


© Hide & Seek, La Cité de la Prod
Source : www.hide-and-seek.fr