Rain Forest

Rain Forest is a plant creation resulting from the meeting between design and architecture. Its creator, Patrick Nadeau, is passionate about plant matter and always seeks to integrate the living in each of his projects. He travels all over the world to find new plants and feed his proposals.
This plant creation was exhibited in various design salons, notably in Paris, London, Cologne and Milan on the booth of the Italian furniture brand Boffi in 2011. This scenography was composed of half-spheres covered with Tillandsias Usneoides, epiphytic plants (plants that grow using other plants as support); “The usneloid Tillandsias are considered weeds there. They cling to stones, to electric poles. “Says the architect-designer.
This Guatemalan mistletoe of light green and gray colors was received in a ball, it was necessary to undo the plants strand by strand to fix them on the half-spheres realized in Corian ™, composed of very fine rods and then fixed to the ceiling.
The result is striking: both sophisticated and elegant, the installation leaves room for the fairy, creating an enchanted space. Too bad, this development was only ephemeral.

Végétal Design de Patrick Nadeau ; par Thierry De Beaumont, Éditeur Alternatives, mai 2012.


© Images : Patrick Nadeau 2012
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