Morgana Wallace fantasy collage

Morgana Wallace is an illustrator, she works and lives in Victoria, Canada. She plays with paper and scissors to create fantastic universes and to explore myths, which seem to refer to Scandinavian or Japanese legends. Her characters, masked and dressed up mix numerous inspirations. Her[...]

Zachari Logan' Visions

Zachari Logan is a Canadian artist working mainly in drawing, ceramics and installation practices. His work has been exhibited widely, in group and solo exhibitions throughout North America and Europe, including: Athens, Amsterdam, Barcelona, Berlin, Cincinnati, Calgary, London, Los Angeles, Miami, Montreal, New York, Ottawa,[...]

Travis Bedel' mad collage

Travis Bedel aka Bedelgeuse currently resides in Phoenix, Arizona. After having thoroughly studied audio engineering and sound design, he became an illustrator. His work as Bedelgeuse includes cut paper collage, digital collage, and mixed media sculptural collage all based around the human anatomy. Travis’ artwork[...]

The art deco boards of Séguy

Although unknown to the general public, Émile Alain Séguy is today considered one of the major and influential artists of the Art Deco period. Émile-Alain Seguy was born in France in 1877 and studied at the School of Decorative Arts in Paris. He is distinguished[...]

Vintage collages by Bryan Olson

Bryan Olson is a self-taught artist from Chicago. Today based in Charlotte, North Carolina, he created wonderful collages, meticulously crafted handmade works. The artist likes to play on the contrasts between moving and abstract forms and imposing masses. He often produces science fiction imagery and[...]

The Moon and the Korean

Daehyun Kim was born in Seoul in 1980. Following his studies in traditional Asian painting, he decided to devote himself to drawing. Moonassi will become his artist name, contraction of the Korean words Moona (The Void) and ssi (common honorific title). His drawings in black[...]

Trompe l'oeil by Cruschiform

CRUSCHIFORM is a creative workshop based in Paris and created by Marie-Laure Cruschi in 2007. She is an illustrator, graphic designer and artistic director. She works with several publishing houses and press, Magazines or luxury brands. Trompe l'oeil is a youth album released late 2013[...]
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