The wooden objects of Andrew Groves

[embed][/embed]   Andrew Groves is a freelance illustrator. For the past 6 years, he has been working for many clients and developing very beautiful projects. The young man lives in a hut in the middle of the woods in Sussex, UK, and draws his inspiration[...]

Portraits by The Quiet Revolution

Claire Scully is an illustrator working in London under the name The Quiet Revolution. She graduated from the School of Art and Design Central Saint Martins in 2006 and has clients including the New York Times, The Guardian, Penguin books, and Adidas. She regularly collaborates[...]

The Japanese forests of Morimura

Ray Morimura est né en 1948 à Tokyo et a obtenu son diplôme à l’université de Tokyo Gakugei. C’est en tant que designer graphique et illustrateur qu’il mène sa carrière pendant presque 20 ans avant de se tourner presque exclusivement vers la gravure sur bois.[...]

Musselwhite and nature in paper

For Helen, it all began when, during her first Christmas, she began to rearrange the gift papers in colors and patterns. Obviously, she then took courses in graphic design and illustration in which her first love, paper, had no place. It was only long afterwards[...]

Strange Animals by Peter Vos

Peter Vos is a Dutch artist born in 1975 in Utrecht. He currently lives and works in Amsterdam. The artist must not be confused with the other Peter Vos Dutch, known for his ornithological drawings, born in 1935. It is after having produced a series[...]
Micah Lidberg

Micah Lidberg

Micah Lidberg grew up in the western United States and now works between Kansas City and New York, passing through Minneapolis. This extremely talented illustrator draws his inspiration from vegetable and animal forms. One sees in his images a real fascination for the wild life.[...]

The chimeras of Gaétan Billault

A 30-year-old French illustrator and a talented graphic designer, Gaétan Billault obtains a diploma in Applied Art from Nevers in 2005, and he is joining various Parisian agencies. So he became familiar with fashion design and illustration. Gaetan combines geometric shapes and organic scrolls with[...]

Brooks Shane Salzwedel

The subtle and delicate landscapes of Brooks Salzwedel reflect the tensions between urban development and nature. The medium that he chooses to work represents in itself this division: despite the fact that its support (hydrocarbon resin secreted by plants) remains a production of nature, the[...]
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