Marina Muun

Marina was born in Bulgaria, in a village by the sea. She grew up there but now lives in England. She lets herself be carried by the wind in all the places that want her. She likes to draw and paint different subjects, and especially favors the technique of acrylic and digital illustrations.
She draws her inspiration from nature, the supernatural, and the dreamlike. Circle loves his representations – very close to the Japanese culture – of spirits of nature, and his uninhibited approach in the illustration of legends and the abstract.
Every painting she creates tries to capture and then make sensations, a thought or a moment of reverie; And almost always she sprinkle her creations with a fantastic mind and a taste for detail. His paintings are deliberately naive, but that does not mean that the author is also naive! Marina continues to assert a proper language through self-exploration and the wonderful process of spiritual introspection that painting offers.

The work of Marina Muun is featured in the pages of the first issue of Cercle Magazine.

Friends and Foes 1
Wild Horses
Magic Forest
Little friends
Lava boy
Growing pains
Friends and Foes 2


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