A better world by Justine Kurland

Justine Kurland is a photographer born in 1969 in the US state of New York. She is known for her utopian and neo-romantic photographs of American landscapes and marginal communities, real and imagined, that inhabit them. Justine Kurland takes her photos during trips across the[...]

Inka&Niclas's reveries

Born in 1985 and 1984, Inka Lindergård and Niklas Holmström, respectively from Finland and Sweden, met in 2005 and are now based in Stockholm. Driven by a singular look at nature and a Scandinavian approach, Inka & Niclas try to transform it by applying a[...]

The ethereal landscapes of Petros Koublis

Petros Koublis began photography in 2000 after several years of painting. Since then, he has developed a very sensitive approach linked to a constant personal exploration. His series In Landscapes plays on a contrast between two atmospheres and creates an ethereal atmosphere of the Greek[...]

Reine Paradis' surrealist sets

Reine Paradis constructs narrative photographs staging herself as the central figure in a surreal landscape. Paradis is dressed in orange in her images and is shown interacting in color filled landscapes. Shot in many locations throughout America, the photo series Jungle takes us on an introspective[...]

Nature seen by Clayton Woodley

Photographer Clayton Woodley explores the world as a nomadic creator. His debut body of work, Dreams to Awaken, combines the surrealism of specific landscapes of Iceland, Namibia, Colombia or California with abstract forms of women playing with the wind. His large-scale images develop the theme[...]

The dreaming pilots of Xiaoxiao Xu

Born in Wenzhou in 1984 and living in the Netherlands since 1999, Xiaoxiao Xu is a photographer particularly interested in the surrealist aspect of life. During the year 2015, the photographer became the visual witness of an unexpected utopia. In isolated places in China, farmers[...]

Craig Burrows' fluorescent plants

Craig Burrows is a 29 year old American photographer. Through his photographic work, he experiments the UVIVF (ultraviolet-induced visible fluorescence) process, which captures light waves that are invisible for us. Although the result seems surreal, the subject and the colors are very real. Through this[...]

Photographic series MESA by Kim Høltermand

Kim Holtermand is a photographer born in Copenhagen in 1977 specialized in architecture and landscape' pictures. He deliberately chooses to create a cold and dehumanized atmosphere of buildings and their surroundings in order to recurrently work on the loneliness emotion. In a highly connected world,[...]
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