Evelyn Bencicova, master of illusions

Her images seem to come straight out of an artificial intelligence program. This is precisely what Slovak artist Evelyn Bencicova aims to do in her work: blur the boundaries between the real and the fictional. From the aesthetics of cold colors and inanimate forms to the subjects she tackles, the photographer seeks to lead those who view her images to go beyond what they reveal in the first place, and thus question the truth of what she gives us to see.
Evelyn Bencicova, Artificial Tears
Artificial Tears, a project begun in 2017, Evelyn Bencicova draws on both the work of mathematician Alan Turing and essayist Donna Haraway to question the differences between human and machine in the wake of current technological advances.
Enes Güç et Evelyn Bencicova, Work in Progress
Another project, Work in Progress (2020), produced jointly with Enes Güç, analyzes today’s individualistic society through the prism of the exhibition and staging of the self on social networks, taking as its starting point artificial creatures such as Frankenstein. As she says herself, “I don’t take photos, I create photos”. So, it’s only natural that each of her images leaves us with the unpleasant sensation of having been duped, while at the same time offering the possibility of going beyond the images. As visual food for thought, Evelyn Bencicova’s work allows us to question the remaining humanity in our increasingly artificial societies.


Evelyn Bencicova, Simulacraum
Evelyn Bencicova, Simulacraum

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