Core gives space to women bodybuilders

Core, the photo book by photographer Celia Croft and stylist Kate Kidney-Bishop intends to give back to female bodybuilders all their greatness, whether they compete in divisions like “bikini”, “model”, “physique” or “bodybuilding”.

Before being relegated to the rank of freaks, women bodybuilders had to play with their shoulders to make their place, contrary to their male counterparts over-valued and over-mediatized. This is precisely what interests the creative duo Celia Croft and Kate Kidney-Bishop, who met in the UK. These historically “masculine” passions that women are reclaiming, pushing back gender norms and constructs by making them something entirely new.

In their book of images Core, the duo highlights through images and styling the empowerment of these female bodybuilders in the closed circle of bodybuilding. The duo contacts these sportswomen via several Facebook conversation groups in the UK. They meet Vicci Lee, the cover girl of the book, dancer and bodybuilder with a cut musculature. The athletes share their vision of bodybuilding as a way of life, an empowerment over their own bodies and a constant struggle to make the sport a more gender fluid space.

© Celia Croft & Kate Kidney-Bishop