The lost images of the Ulysses probe by Miles Donovan

By Carole Mercier

Ulysses is the name of a space probe, a joint project of NASA and ASE, launched in the orbit of Jupiter in 1990 to study the approaches of the sun, the solar wind and to realize the very first map of the ” heliosphere. The mission was completed in 2009 because the operating conditions of the probe had deteriorated considerably and no longer permitted accurate data collection.

Miles Donovan lives and works in London as an illustrator and artistic director. Many of his creations have been noticed on media as renowned as The New York Time, The Guardian or Wired, to name but a few. He is also one of the founding members of the collective Peepshow, where he also tries to animate for clients such as the BBC or Nike.

His series of collages Ulysses is inspired by transmissions that would have received the European Space Astronomy Center in 2011 from the probe of the same name, two years after the official stop of its activity. The artist proposes a tourist ballad, futuristic retro adventure around the Sun and its neighboring regions.

(02/12/2011 19.23 UTC Aphelion/Alternate Jupiter swing-by (1)
(02/12/2011 17.26 UTC) Unidentified polar region/Arctic
(02/12/2011 20.20 UTC Solar System (2) C/2011
(02/12/2011 15.55 UTC) Comet c5/2011 (Hyakutale)
(02/12/2011 15.46 UTC) Comet c5/2011 (Hyakutale)
(02/12/2011 15.35 UTC) Comet c5/2011 (Hyakutale)
(02/12/2011 17.04 UTC) Unidentified polar region/Lake
02/12/2011 17.38 UTC) Unidentified polar region/Mountain
(02/12/2011 19.43 UTC Aphelion/Alternate Jupiter swing-by (2)


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