Insectoids by Carl Sutton

Carl Sutton is a graphic designer and illustrator. He lives and works in Cardiff, Wales. All his work, which possesses a strong and identifiable mechanical identity, is articulated around the notions of deconstruction and symmetry. He explores the fields of technology or anatomy as well as the entomology he is constantly looking for new forms or hybridizations.

From the videogames generation, Carl Sutton works mainly in black and white and vector. These techniques, which he handles with great precision, give his work a great coherence and a powerful identity.

He works regularly with music industry clients such as Doomsday Production, Strange Famous Records, Sage Francis, The Church of Love and Ruin and many others. His work was exhibited in April 2014 at the Alchemist Gallery in Cardiff.

Entomology 03 (i), Roach, 2013
The cup, 2014
Staplediet, 2014
Entomology 03 (iii), Wasp, 2013
Entomology 03 (ii), Wood, 2013
Callirhipis, 2014